Pre Order Process

-  Stage 1 -

We host a online pre sale for a duration (usually 9 days) under a "Pre Order" title.

- Stage 2 -

Once the "Pre Order" has run its course its now on to our "Printing Process" which from this point is now an additional 3/4 weeks depending on the work load at our print shop. If we encounter any delays we will always share any infomation regarding this via our Instagram page (@Hellonshirts).

- Stage 3 -

Once we've had the Thumbs up to Pick up our shirts up, It's now on to the fun part, Which is bagging up all the awesome new shirts you've all been patiently waiting for. we will always announce on our Instagram (@Hellonshirts) that we have collected deliverys and are ready to start shipping so be sure to check your Email for notifications.